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It’s that time of year where photographers around the world promise to update their blog more, post more personal pics, and get organized. For me, I have those intentions but decided that I’m making no promises. LOL! But, let’s start off 2017 with a solid effort to liven things up around here. All my client interactions are on FB and the blog is getting lost and sadly never updated. Today, it’s all about sweet Maggie. I’ve been photographing her all year and this time she’s now reached her 1 year milestone.





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Tis the season. Fall brings on so many sessions that often times blogging, Facebook posts, updates, etc. get overlooked due to time constraints. However, who doesn’t have time for a quick collage update? This is a quick glimpse into some of my more recent sessions (but not everyone – those to come later). It’s really kind of cool seeing a handful of them all together.




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