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Life was busy these past couple of weeks. We just got home from a vacation in Mexico, my mom had a total knee replacement and the kids’ activities are in full swing. So… let’s just say I’ve fallen a bit behind with documenting my everyday. In the past, I’d throw in the towel in say “Screw it! I’ve failed. Better stop. Can’t do this.” Blah, blah, blah. I used to put so many rules on myself when it came to “projects.” But, with this project there are no rules. Some weeks I’ll rock it. Other weeks I won’t. Life will go on either way and the whole point of actually taking more pictures on my life will be achieved. All is good!

Thursday – 2.2.17  (An image I’ve had in my head for awhile now has been achieved! He loves his quite time before bed)


Friday – 2.3.17 (Sinus infections for both kids).


Saturday – 2.4.17 (We had another successful Snap Class and I’m so thankful to Post Script for being our lovely host.


Sunday – 2.5.17


Monday – 2.6.17 (morning fog – iPhone)


Tuesday – 2.7.17



Wednesday – 2.8.17


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This week, I’ve learned that January is extremely boring. The days are short, the sun barely shines and my kids spend a lot of time after school on their devices. It’s challenging to come up with something to photograph that’s interesting each and every day. But, what I love about my outlook (so far) on this project of mine is that I’ve taken all the pressure off myself to make each photograph perfect. This time, it’s all about documenting what matters to me and truly capturing genuine moments. I’m learning and loving it.

Tuesday – 1.24.17  (School drop-off – someday I’ll miss this)


Wednesday – 1.25.17 (It SNOWED)


Thursday – 1.26.17


Friday – 1.27.17


Saturday – 1.28.17 (That tongue. It’s out every time he’s seriously concentrating).


Sunday – 1.29.17 (He LOVES to fish and wanted to practice his casting off the deck)


Monday – 1.30.17


Tuesday – 1.31.19


Wednesday – 2.1.17 (Charlie stayed home sick today.)


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This year, like years before me, I reflect on my personal work and realize I don’t have much in my library of images that document my life. This deeply saddens me and is my motivation for picking up my camera in 2017 so that another year doesn’t pass me by. I’m definitely not perfect and therefore vow to release all pressure from myself to make sure it happens every single day. That folks, is just to much pressure. However, what I do promise is to learn, create and inspire. At least, that is my hope. I’ve already learned so much in such a short span of time. Like, for instance, my oldest has definitely embraced his pre-teen years and loves his iPhone. Also, I’m digging a black and white conversion on my everyday images so far instead of color. They provoke more emotion for me and draw me into my subject. Lastly, I have documented proof of how blessed I am!!! So, here is what I have captured so far and look forward to reflecting back next year on all that has been exposed. Cheers.

Tuesday – 1.17.17


Wednesday – 1.18.17



Thursday – 1.19.17



Friday – 1.20.19



Saturday – 1.21.17



Sunday – 1.22.17



Monday – 1.23.17 (Brandon came home sick today)

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